Legendary Villains

Legendary Villains

Enemies for Life 

Wanted, Dead or Alive
Pearly-Eyed Pete
Cuckoo Kurt
Red-tailed Rick
Egregious Eric
Kit Kat
Soft Al
Wayne the Whip
Red Leg Rush

Public enemy number one for anoles is the bird. Virtually any bird spells disaster. Cruising birds can spot the moving tail or head of the lizard. They swoop down. They snatch the poor creature from his family and friends. They fly away with it through the forest to some faraway site. They enjoy a tasty meal. In the lowland areas, white birds known as egrets are strong predators of anoles. The egrets hunt down the anoles. They eat them, and even serve them to their young. In the mountains, several birds commonly feed on anoles. These include the pearly-eyed thrasher, Puerto Rican lizard cuckoo, red-legged thrush, and red-tailed and broad-winged hawks. 

Unfortunately, birds are not the only animals that hunt down anoles. Mongooses or stray cats in the forest consider anoles a tasty meal. Alsophis portoricensis, a distant relative of the garter snake, and the Puerto Rican boa dine on anoles. Tailless whip scorpions, tarantulas, centipedes, even large anoles have preyed on the young. 

May all perished anoles rest in peace.