Meals at a Snail's Pace

Meals at a Snail's Pace

Sponsored by the Fun with Fungi Bistro

Favorite Foods
Everybody knows that snails are food consumers. That means we consume foods (duh!). Our favorite foods are threadlike algae and fungi that we find on our heliconia leaves. These delicious, moldy, mushroomy decomposers digest plant and animal matter. We love them! A very favorite food is a certain lacy mushroom. It is a specialty at the Fun with Fungi Bistro. 

But we snails are not very discriminating when it comes to what we eat. We enjoy many different kinds of foods. We enjoy dead brown leaves, green leaves, bark, large seeds, plant roots, tree flowers, and even wet paper (believe it or not!). When we eat these foods, we are digesting and breaking down a variety of plant matter. This means we are decomposers as well as consumers. 

Fungi is First
Both algae and fungi are quite tasty. We actually eat far more fungi than algae. Oddly enough, for a long time human scientists thought we ate more algae than fungi. The reason for this mystery is not really table talk, but here goes. Fungi and bacteria are usually more digestible than algae. They don’t appear in our poop—oops! —our bowel movements. Scientists study that to determine our diet. 

Make Someone Happy Tonight: Take Your Wife to Fun with Fungi Bistro
Give your wife a break in her nightly food-searching routine. Take her to dinner at the Fun with Fungi Bistro. We allow our customers to bring their own water. Most C. caracolla carry water in their body cavities. This is a very clever adaptation. When conditions are dry, however, you carry less water. Then we are happy to provide additional water at your table for a small fee. We serve all of our dishes on giant heliconia leaves. You can eat in your favorite manner—by scraping the food off the leaves with your teeth. Snails eat at night, so our hours are from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m.